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by Kfisher349
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5 years ago

Is there a tenor sax for really small hands?

Hi everyone!

My 14 yr old daughter has been playing tenor saxophone for 3 yrs and started out borrowing a Yamaha from a friend.  Just recently, the friend wanted the sax back to give to a family member, so now we are searching for another sax for her.  We found a number of TS on ebay and finally settled on a '65 Conn Shooting Star.  However, when it arrived, she started playing around on it and discovered that the keys are really far apart.  She is very petite, only 4'9" and has very tiny hands!  Is there a tenor sax that anyone could recommend that would fit her size a little better!  We were hoping for something used and about $300 range (she also plays string bass and we just bought a string bass for her, so money is a little tight right now!).  Any help will be appreciated!

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  1. by GFC
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    5 years ago

    Re: Is there a tenor sax for really small hands?

    The Yamaha 21 or 23 is about as good as you're going to find for a small hands horn, since they were originally designed as a student horn.  The only problem is they tend to cost more than you've allocated in your budget.  You might find a lower price on a Vito (Japan) tenor, which was a YTS-21 or 23 without the Yamaha branding.  Jupiter makes Yamaha copies.  They sell used for a lower price than Yamahas, since their earlier production got a terrible reputation for quality.  If you can find a good deal on one made within the last 10 years or so that might suit you well. They are also sold in a lot of stores so you can try one out and see if it fits. Records of Jupiter serial numbers and production years are available on the web.

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  2. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    5 years ago

    Re: Is there a tenor sax for really small hands?

    I agree 100% with the previous response you received. The Yamaha student horn is your way to go.

    Check out Craigslist. I see them almost daily in the 350 range. Your daughter can play test it if you find one local. Then expect a trip to your local music store for minor adjustments to put her back up comfortably on the music stand. Then list your Conn back onto craigslist to get your funds back.

    Good Luck.

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