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by RobertD
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7 days ago

Upside-down scales

While searching my music folders, I found this .pdf I downloaded when I was focusing solely on brasswinds. It's listed as trumpet specific but I've been using it on sax with good results, differing slurring and tonguing patterns, playing in lower and upper registers, and it's really helped me develop my technique (especially those pinky fingers).

I started at the top and play several pages per day while mixing it with other techical exercises and playing standards in between to keep it fun.

Free .pdf download:

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  1. by Saxquest
    (409 posts)

    6 days ago

    Re: Upside-down scales

    Nice Resourse. Thanks for posting!!


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    1. by RobertD
      (44 posts)

      4 days ago

      Re: Upside-down scales

      You're welcome, Mark!

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