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3 years ago

1967 Selmer Bell Notation

Im looking at a 1967 Mark VI bari. The bell engraving does not mention London New York or Elkhart. ... My 1964 Selmer Tenor does. My tenor also does not have the "Ball" connections on the side C and B flat, which was probably a design change at the same time the bell information was changed. I was wondering when did these changes happen serial number wise? I'm thinking around 1965. I noticed the selmers here in the museum of the same serial sequence also do not mention, as above. The gallery pictures often seem to not show the side key configuration. I have added pictures of both variations and also the side keys on a bari, which are not affected by the change. 

I personally prefer prior to the side key change. When the later design starts needing bench work, they start clicking. If you got a horn prior to like 116,xxx you have the old style. But the old style did extend after 116,XXX.

Just an observance. I seem to be narrowing down my Bari Serial number choice like the every day picky musician. Though this situation does not affect Bari key work.

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