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by Lsbgmail
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8 months ago

Can embouchure correct structural squeak?

Iam a self learning beginner . I have an old and cheapest kind of saxophone(China made around200US dollar 10 years ago) and I can manage to make the 2 octave notes smooth and clear. I have just brought a  new yamahx 280 and noticed that the high D and E always squeak and I can only fix that by using a very very tight bite(not for the C and F note. ) how likely is a leak present in this new alto?or it does happen that different saxophone may perform differently? I hope someone can give me some advice. Thank you.

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    8 months ago

    Re: Can embouchure correct structural squeak?

    I have never heard of a Yamahx 280, but if it a new horn, it is probably you.

    A Yamaha may be what you are referring to. If it is a Yamaha and not a Yamahx, it is probably you. Use a stronger reed. If not, take the new horn to where you bought it and have them check it for you. If you know of someone who plays the sax, let them try it and give you their impression.


    Too many possibilities to determine in a blog setting.

    Good Luck

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