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by Chansbsrocks
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1 year ago

Which To Buy? I'm a Total Newbie

Hi all, I'm looking to purchase my first saxophone and have no idea what to look for. 

I'm on a pretty tight budget and trying to get everything I need for as little as possible. Hiring doesn't look to be an option. I so far have the below three finds. What do you think of them? Are there any better alternatives for around the same price?

I'm going to a music shop tomorrow to take a look at a used Freemont Excalibur ( but it looks quite worn. From what I can tell it comes with nothing else, and have priced up the other items to bring a total to around £220-230.

At the same shop they have a JP041 Alto for £359 ( inc. case, a reed, neck strap.

I also came across this £300 bundle at ( which has everything including 10 reeds, sax and music stands.

Would you go for one of these or something else entirely?

I really appreciate any help!

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  1. by GFC
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    1 year ago

    Re: Which To Buy? I'm a Total Newbie

    In your position I'd be looking more at used ones.  There are lots of Yamaha YAS 21 or 23 instruments in circulation and they are very good student horns. The doodads added to some inexpensive horn packages are there to distract the buyer, who should be focused on the horn. 

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