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Dominant 7#9 (Maj / Min)

This exercise pattern deals with articulating a 7#9 (a Penta b2 inversion, which contains both Maj. &…

6 days ago
by bobbystern

Everest alto jazz Saxophone

Has anyone ever heard of Everest brand Saxophones.  I have an alto sax that has the brand name everest engraved over…

6 days ago
by okpawn

Vincent Herring Transcription

I've added a transcription of Vincent Herring's solo on "Love Walked In" to my website:

no replies by scooby (69 posts) 7 days ago

7 days ago
by scooby

Jazz Improvisation Tips and Techniques


Hi everyone,

I'm trying to learn how to create or add licks and improvise. I'm new to improvising s…

1 week ago
by onlinejazz (2 posts)
2 weeks ago
by GFC (357 posts)
3 weeks ago
by bobbystern

Arnie Krakowsky transcription

I've added a transcription of Arnie Krakowsky's solo on "I've Never Been In Love Before" to my website:

no replies by scooby (69 posts) 1 month ago

1 month ago
by scooby

George Robert Transcription

I've added a transcription of George Robert's solo on "I Remember You" to my website. It comes from his duo recording with…

2 months ago
by scooby


All those real book type players (and now real book telephone players) should try and actually learn some tunes. If s…

4 months ago
by kelsey (801 posts)

Lou Donaldson Transcriptions

I have a number of Lou Donaldson transcriptions that I am cleaning up and will post to my website over time.
To get…

4 months ago
by Saxquest (307 posts)

Yamaha vs Selmer

Hi guys, I was wonder wheather the Selmer SAS280 la Voix II or the Yamaha YAS-480 is a better saxaphone, or if there are a…

4 months ago
by GFC (357 posts)

Phil Woods Exercise published an article of mine about an exercise that I learned from Phil Woods many years ago:

5 months ago
by mariajohn (1 post)

60 Sonny Rollins solo transcriptions!

Hello everyone,
I have decided to publish my big collection of transcriptions done by me, of the Sax…

6 months ago
by kelsey (801 posts)

Jackie McLean Transcription

I've added a transcription of Jackie McLean's solo on "I Remember You" to my website:…

8 months ago
by kelsey (801 posts)

I am fresh off the boat and eager to learn.

Hello, my names Charles. I'm 18 and have always had the strongest interest in music, pertaining woodwinds, brass, but main…

8 months ago
by kelsey (801 posts)

Downloadable Jazz Backing Tracks Professional Backing Tra…

9 months ago
by saxophonecommunity (2 posts)

Gerry Mulligan Transcription

Hey everyone, its my first post on this forum so I will very quickly introduce myself. My name is Tom Kilian and im from P…

9 months ago
by birdlover (40 posts)

Beginner Jazz Standards

Hey all

I'm a returning saxophonist after approximately a 20 year hiatus, so effectively, I'm a complete beginn…

9 months ago
by wesburnham (3 posts)

Pete Christlieb's setup

I was looking at the section of theo wanne's web site ( that lists most of the top players from the…

9 months ago
by musicderm (1 post)

Question about mouthpieces

Hello, I am a Tenor Saxophonist who has been playing the saxophone for a little over 5 years now. I've gone by all that ti…

10 months ago
by Dr G (2 posts)

If you had $20 to spend at iTunes ... ?

Let's say, just hypothetically, an aspiring alto-sax player had $20 to spend on iTunes (gift card -- can't be spent elsewh…

11 months ago
by tempomaster (28 posts)

Phil Woods solo analysis

I published the latest issue of my Newsletter. In this one I examine a Phil Woods solo and develop a number of exercises b…

12 months ago
by scooby

A Few Tips for Beginner Jazzers Regarding Improvising

The most melodic lines are scalular in nature. If you do too many large in…

12 months ago
by ShadowedNinja11 (2 posts)

Larry McKenna Transcription

I have added a transcription of Larry McKenna's solo on "Out Of Nowhere" to my website:


1 year ago
by scooby

Why don't Clarinets play Jazz?

I've posted something like this before, but I still don't understand why the heck Clarinets don't play Jazz. When Jazz first…

1 year ago
by turtlejimmy (14 posts)
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