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Mark Vl

I have a Mark Vl Alto I bought new in 1973 or 74?? Serial number is 233XXX. My question is, the list of Selmer Mark Vl ser…

8 years ago
by Saxquest (419 posts)


TAIWAN SAHDUOO SAXOPHONE CO., LTD. very request the quality of product, and We started to made saxophone from  1…

8 years ago

Selmer Soprano Mouthpiece

Hello everyone. Just joined, from San Diego Ca. I am not professional, but do enjoy playing a great deal. I have a Selmer…

8 years ago
by Selmersity

Brilhart Enduro reeds, Vibrators

I've got a handful of these reeds - some badly used, some pristine. Also, the Vibrators have longitudinal carvings in them.…

8 years ago
by Carolina (0 posts)

Jody jazz Dv Problem!

Hello everyone!

I have a problem with my alto.mouthpiece-jody jazz dv-6 

I have a lot of sqeaks espec…

8 years ago
by Artison (2 posts)

this reed = that reed

Hey! I play on a Selmer S80 mpc. and am currently using Vandoren Java 2.5 reeds. buut . i think i'm need of a change. I have…

8 years ago
by quinsanity (2 posts)

Sergio Tordini Saxopones

Hi, has anyone heard of a brand of wind instruments called Sergio Tordini? They have a website too. A search on google say…

8 years ago
by hkaarthik

Need advice on a mouthpiece, gig bag, and reeds for my bari sax!

Hello, my name is Hannah and I just joined this forum! I'm a junior in high school, and I have been playing bari sax since…

8 years ago
by Saxquest (419 posts)

The Martin Tenor .... Neck

Hi all. I have a vintage (1950s) tenor that is engraved "The Martin Tenor" on the bell. Was wondering if anyone could tell…

8 years ago
by 1sscardinals

Delacole Jazz Mouthpieces for Tenor Sax

Hello Everyone

I have some very good tenor sax mouthpieces for jazz. They are a product of Pete Laplaca CEO of…

8 years ago
by nel4ever

Zoot Sims' setup???

Does anyone have any idea what tenor setup, mouthpiece/horn/reeds/lig/etc, Zoot Sims used? I've been listening to his album…

8 years ago
by kingkoeller (4 posts)

Need Ligature Fit on Vandoren

My ligatures barely fit my Vandoren Jumba Java T97 mouthpiece.

Are there any longer than average ligature screws?<…

8 years ago
by Akua

New Band Student

My son is going to play Alto Sax in the 5th grade band this fall.  He is very excited!
This summer we are acquir…

8 years ago
by Saxquest (419 posts)

case for cannonball?

Hey im looking for a lightweight hard case for my cannonball tenor. I am looking for something like a flight case. I was goin…

8 years ago
by RyanCannonball (40 posts)

Francois Louis doesn't fit my meyer

I just got a Francoi Louis Ligature for my Meyer 7 mouthpiece and its too big, when i try to slide my mouthpiece on or off th…

8 years ago
by pysch (1 post)

Viking Legend Series Saxophones...

The Viking saxophones successfully capture that vintage sound .. The "selmer core" and "vintage vibe" we all search f…

8 years ago
by Viking Instruments (7 posts)

Berg Larsen HR Tenor Mouthpiece Value?

Hi everyone, wondering if anyone can tell me the approx value of a mouthpiece that I have. It is a vintage Berg Larsen 110/0…

8 years ago
by norm (1 post)

Saxophone Necks

I have a series II Tenor sax that I have been playing on for some time. The problem I have is that in order to keep the saxop…

9 years ago
by saxgourmet (127 posts)

I need help looking for a better sax

I've been playing alto sax now for 5 years and it's time that I get a new sax, something more intermediate. I currently have…

9 years ago
by tsmith800 (10 posts)

Help on Saxophone mouthpieces.

Let's start of by saying that I've been playing my Tenor Saxophone for 3 years now. Over these years I have been using the…

9 years ago
by krestonsmith (12 posts)

Baritone Mouthpiece?

Hi everybody!

I took over an old Buescher True Tone Baritone Saxophone, and now I'm trying to find out anything ab…

9 years ago
by Saxquest (419 posts)

Help in choosing a new mouthpiece!

Hi! I've been playing the sax for 7 years. Even though I've been playing for this long, I have no idea of what mouthpiece to…

9 years ago
by gloss1 (27 posts)

RPC 115B For Sale

I'm selling my RPC mouthpiece because it is a little too open for me. I'm use to something a little smaller, so that's why. I…

9 years ago
by gloss1 (27 posts)

BAM sax cases

Hi, all. I'm looking to buy a small alto case for air travel. Anyone with experience/knowledge about the BAM traveler/hightec…

9 years ago
by gloss1 (27 posts)

Help In Jazz Mouthpiece & Ligature please

Hello I have an Alto sax Yanagisawa model 902 using yanagisawa metal 7 mouthpiece for jazz. After playing on it for a bit i…

9 years ago
by gloss1 (27 posts)
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