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How to tell if it's relacquered...

I have a Selmer Mark VI alto that I bought in high school from Randy at Tenor Madness. It has about 70% lacquer remaining and…

3 hours ago
by mambojazz1 (3 posts)

Help to identify this sax

Hello everyone, 
I know absolutely nothing about saxophones. I have acquired my father's which his father had pu…

4 days ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (620 posts)

older Vitos

I am thinking of buying a pre Yamaha tenor Vito sax. I have a Beaugnier built French Vito alto and love it. I'm now lookin…

2 months ago
by like2short (2 posts)

Help with this Beaugnier sax , no serial number?

Any thoughts about this saxophone?

2 months ago
by like2short (2 posts)

Vintage American Baritone saxes and smaller handed player

I play mostly on a vintage Mark VI tenor.

I do upper end refurbishing of mostly Vintage American horns, as a hobby…

2 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (620 posts)

Ideas? Tenor "B. HAMMOG" ("R" for "registered trademark")

Good morning!
no replies by Bauknecht (1 post) 2 months ago

2 months ago
by Bauknecht

Tell me that this is..

Hey! My name is Carina and I live in northern Sweden. (Åre)
When i cleaned an attic on our farm we found this i…

2 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (620 posts)

Silver Alto Sax "World DE LUXE" only name on it??

No brand name other than World DE LUXE; serial number is 23030.
If anyone know what this sax is that I have owned a l…

3 months ago
by Johnhamner (2 posts)

1942 WWII King Zephyr Baritone with non period engraving

I am working on a 1942, 264262 serial number, King Zephyr Baritone. A very early 1942 horn. Very rare in that production o…

3 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer

Conn III9954 T m144534 L

Hi everyone, I have inherited the above Saxaphone from my father (in silver). He was a collector of old things and no one…

3 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (620 posts)

Vintage Bari Sax

Hello there! I have an "unknown" brand vintage baritone sax I am trying to get some information on. The history is slightl…

3 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (620 posts)

Mint Conn 10M (1962)

Any interest in a mint condition 1962 10M (double socket/underslung octave key)? This is a true closet horn - original case,…

3 months ago
by jeanmarie2508 (2 posts)

Saxo alto,King super20 serie II

Hola, compañeros/as, mi nombre es Óscar fron Spain, soy flautista,he dado clase durante 33 años y aho…

4 months ago
by Óscar

Stencil Tenor Martin

Hello guys! Alright? Could someone tell me about a "Kingston" brand (Martin stencil)? It looks a lot like my The Mart…

4 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (620 posts)

Old Kingston Tenor Sax?

I just bought a Kingston Tenor Sax. . .she's got a great sound, but I can't quite identify her or figure out where she came f…

4 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (620 posts)

1930's Cavilier saxophone

Hi I was wondering if someone could advise me on the value of my saxophone please, its a cavilier Elkhart IND. It needs re…

5 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (620 posts)

Elkhart silver alto

Hi, I've been offered a silver vintage Elkhart alto, serial number 576xx. Any of you geniuses know anything about it, Mart…

5 months ago
by hagster69 (3 posts)

Value of King Super 20 alto 1970s era

Apologies if this is not appropriate here.. Let me know and I can delete the post.
But I have a King Super 20 alto th…

5 months ago
by JonHuff (115 posts)

Martin alto saxophone

My wife's old alto saxophone is a Martin.  The outside of the bell is engraved at top with Indian Head and arrows bel…

5 months ago
by mijderf (280 posts)

Boosey and Hawkes Predominant

I have a vintage B&H Predominant LP Tenor Sax in Silver which I'm trying to trace the history/worth of.

5 months ago
by hagster69

Hola grupo

Hola grupo, necesito alguien con experiencia que me ayude, tengo un saxo alto de transición de 1934, .. 258839, cuy…

5 months ago
by Dionel

Buescher Bass Saxophone

My father-in-law played his whole life but sadly he passed recently. His wife had no idea he had a Bass sax sitting in the…

7 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (620 posts)

Vintage pan American sax

Hello new member here. Just squired an older pan American sax from an estate and would appreciate anyone proving some know…

7 months ago
by J9644247

Grafton Saxophone

Hi guys, I have a Grafton acrylic alto saxophone, it is in good condition with no cracks, original box, mouthpieces ect, s…

7 months ago
by garypaton (2 posts)

Martin Comm or Comm II?

My Martin with serial number 130251 fits into the category Commity, but the saxophone is engraved it is a Comm II. I am ho…

8 months ago
by Collector7 (6 posts)
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