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Strange Markings on Conn Soprano

I have a Conn soprano from 1924 and on the bell in sloppy "writing" is carved "CARROLL #16" I have no idea what carroll #16 m…

18 years ago
by Spunky2sax75 (75 posts)


1.5yr.old DC Pro II Tenor Sax, no damage at all, 100% laquer-black nickel with gold keys, plays beautifully especially for ja…

18 years ago
by Msty (7 posts)


does anyone know were i could find a selmer SBA or the balanced action alto?

18 years ago
by altosop (4 posts)

Conn Straightneck C Melody Identity Issues

I bought this horn off of eBay for 200 bucks, at first thinking it was an alto sax, despite the "C" in the serial number. Bei…

18 years ago
by chiamac (586 posts)

Old alto sax I got for free

I just recieved this old sax from one of my friends, his father is a sanitary engineer and discovered it sitting next to a ga…

18 years ago
by Spunky2sax75 (75 posts)

Signs of relacquering?

Does anyone have knowledge of tell-tale signs that a horn has been relacquered? The one I'm aware of is washed out engraving…

18 years ago
by Spunky2sax75 (75 posts)

KING ZEPHYR Best Replacement Crook Screw?

Hi, Can any of you repair guys help me.I have a 1946 King Zephyr Alto, double socket neck and I need a replacement crook scre…

18 years ago
by pscaddan (3 posts)

Sax Pad Replacement and Brown Stuff

I've had to replace a couple of the pads on my "new" vintage C melody, and they were stuck in with a dark brown, glassy adhes…

18 years ago
by SelmerParisPassion (59 posts)

Wurlitzer American Sax

My neighbor was cleaning out her attic and knew my son played the Alto Sax in band. What she gave me is a Wurlitzer American…

18 years ago
by glosax (1 post)

Conn 12M Bari Sax

I don't really know too much about them but I own one and was wondering what it was worth. It has several dents, some action…

18 years ago
by allsaxisgoodsax (2 posts)
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