SELMER Lacquer Cigar Cutter Baritone (Serial Number: 15374) Back to model

This is a wonderful playing bari especially for the small group jazz soloist. This thing really rips and is so expressive that it feels and responds more like a tenor. It is the easiest bari to get around on that we have ever played.

It is an early vintage Selmer Cigar Cutter, serial number 15374. This bari has its original neck and is in excellent condition. It has lost nearly all of its original lacquer, which really helps it ring. There is just a bit of the original lacquer left on a few of the keys.

The physical condition is exceptional for a large horn of its age. There are NO dents and only some very minor dent repairs. There are a few resoldered joints, all of which are very clean and professionally addressed. The bell to body brace and neckstrap hook have been replaced, with better parts than originally.

Intonation on this horn is great. It has a rich character that is both powerful and resonant.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Super - "Cigar Cutter"
Date Manufactured: 1931-1932
Serial: 15374
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