C.G. CONN Satin Silver and Gold Plate (Serial Number: 219257) Back to model

This is a once in a lifetime find! This is an original C.G. Conn Conn-O-Sax, serial number 219257. This is quite possibly the most legendary, most sought-after among collectors, and rarest member of the saxophone family. It is also one of the most colossal failures (at the time) ever produced by the usually sure-fire Conn company. It is a truly unique instrument!

The Conn-O-Sax is a very cool horn. Conn really thought they were on to something with this instrument. Keyed in F, it features extended keywork from low A to high G, and Conn thought it was finally the way to introduce the saxophone to the standard orchestral setting. Since you don't see them in orchestras anywhere, you can guess it was a huge mistake in judgement, though of course, the Great Depression didn't help matters. They didn't sell, and today it is one of the most hard to find saxophones. Nearly all of them still in existence, which is few, are in private collections or museums. You almost never see these come available for sale.

The body of this Conn-O-Sax is really in incredible original condition. It sports a lovely satin silver finish and a gold satin plated bulb. The body tube and bulb are both in pristine physical condition and have never suffered dent work and zero re-solders. Its original neck is included and is also in fantastic condition. The neck has never been pulled down and has never had any dent work. This saxophone features all of the original key work, pearls and key rollers. The instrument was re-padded in 2015 by Chris Watrous in the Saxquest shop.  It now has set of Valentino pads, brown plastic resonators as well as all new corks and felts.

This saxophone was built during the same period of the New Wonders and at the height of the Conn experimental laboratories. Its key work includes the Conn style finger nail file G# key, trill G# key, set screws and rolled tone holes. The coolest thing about the Conn-O-Sax�s key work is that it includes a low A, high F# and high G.

It is a shame this instrument didn't realize the fame and popularity Conn envisioned, because they really are fun to play! All of the keywork is the same as a regular saxophone, and being in the key of F it is just slightly smaller than an alto (though completely straight without a curved bell). Sonically, it has almost a snake-charmer-esque sound, very sweet and melodic, sort of an alto sax meets an English Horn. It has the same kind of fast response and effortless play than you expect from a Conn sax of this time period.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: Conn-O-Sax
Date Manufactured: 1928-1930
Serial: 219257
Contributed By: saxquest.com