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RIP "Cousin Mary"

Mary Lyerly Alexander, Keeper of the Coltrane Flame, Is Dead at 92

Celebrated in song by Jo…

4 years ago
by RobertD

D’addario select jazz: 2H vs. 3S

no replies by jamun99 (2 posts) 4 years ago

4 years ago
by jamun99

Help please


I found a little saxophone in my parents attic. From what I can tell it is a Buffet Crampon Evette Schaeffe…

4 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (641 posts)

Vintage Saxophone Dealer in Ohio

Some how I missed this somewhat local connection

Nice vintage instruments. Lots of new and us…

4 years ago
by mijderf (282 posts)

Bad bottom lip rash after practicing


Hi all

I have been playing sax…

4 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (641 posts)

Voll tru mechanism question

I have rebuilt everything on my grandfather’s old voll tru, version 1, But I am having a problem figuring out how to…

4 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (641 posts)

Older unfamiliar Purple Logo Yamaha Tenor Saxophone

I ran across an older Yamaha Tenor saxophone. Purple logo on the front of the bell not the side. Looks like a mid 70s YTS-…

4 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer

Maestro Baritone Saxophone Information

Hey all. I was looking at a Maestro Baritone Saxophone at a local shop. I was trying to find any information about these o…

4 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (641 posts)

What's your sax's name?

call me crazy, but my nickel-plated sax has a name. Has anyone else named their sax?

4 years ago
by Gibralter (1 post)

Sax Bands or Tenor Sax Bands

A friend of mine says that there used to be Sax Bands with three tenor saxes and a very few additional instruments. Ever hear…

4 years ago
by saxybill1 (8 posts)

General question to the Bari Players out there

So, I have been on this Forum for a number of years. I think this is my first posting asking a playing question.


4 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (641 posts)

The Day the Music Burned

I just read this article in the New York Times on the full story of the 2008 Universal fire. I had no idea of the extent o…

4 years ago
by RobertD

Saxophonist Movie on Amazon - "Noah Wise"

Hi Saxophonists,

I'm a fellow musician and filmmaker, and my new movie, "Noah Wise" is about an alto saxophonis…

4 years ago
by noahwisemovie

Help ID'ing an Italian Tenor Sax with Serial #


I'm new here, but I'm hoping somebody can help me find some info about a tenor sax I found online. I'm loo…

4 years ago
by GFC (842 posts)

Saxaphone dolnet paris seri 24281

I want to ask about saxaphone. I have a legacy saxaphone from my grandfather and want to sell the item

 the desc…

4 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (641 posts)

Vintage Conn tenor designed for marching bands

hi all, I have recently come by a vintage Conn tenor sax with the following numbers:

4 years ago
by mercute (2 posts)

Cosmos Alto Saxophone

I have a Cosmos alto saxophone. On the carry case, it says that the brand is established since 1972. Anyone has any inform…

4 years ago
by dimekus

Simulating stars’ sounds to reveal their secrets

“A cello sounds like a cello because of its size and shape,” said astronomer Jacqueline Goldstein. “The…

4 years ago
by RobertD (70 posts)

Verification of YAS 62II

Hi all.
Bought a yamaha 62II on ebay. Wondering if anyone can verify that this is legit. Specifically the engraving a…

4 years ago
by beehave (2 posts)

flats and sharps

So I have been teaching myself the alto sax and haev a question. I have been teaching myself one note at a time. I have a…

4 years ago
by eishiba (3 posts)

Stupid Question about my spatula keys

Why does my new chinese C-mel have all these tabs to engage the G#? I love this new horn but it needs some ergonomic adjus…

4 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (641 posts)

Darker, louder alternatives to a Meyer (for alto)

Hello everyone,

4 replies by elysse77 (5 posts) 4 years ago

4 years ago
by elysse77 (5 posts)
4 years ago
by Universal0808 (0 posts)

Selmer Model 26

Hi everyone, I decided to join and share a story with everyone since I've been lurking and researching here.


4 years ago
by TorontoJohnny (3 posts)

3 Altos, Can't Decide, Opinions Welcome

I'm considering buying one of 3 Saxes that have really caught my eye, but would like some outside opinions. 

4 years ago
by RyanCannonball (45 posts)
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