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Materials for Teaching

So I am a high school student who is about to start teaching someone to play sax. I wanted to know if there are any books…

8 months ago
by Wagne1r (0 posts)

Aebersold Summer Sessions

Has anyone gone to Aebersold's summer camp? If you're a relative beginner, any thoughts? Would it be suitable?

8 months ago
by KristiMorris (0 posts)

Budget (max. 650 Euro) alto sax for a beginner

Hi everyone! My wife got obsessed by an idea of learning to play sax and myself being a multiinstrumentalist, I got excite…

8 months ago
by timurator (2 posts)

Budget tenor (Buffet vs Keilwerth vs Sequoia)

no replies by MaGushoff (1 post) 8 months ago

8 months ago
by Lester1114 (0 posts)

Looking for a Brass musician for a feature film in St. Louis

Hello everyone!

I am looking for a brass musician for a feature film being shot in St. Louis in March/April 202…

8 months ago
by RebeccaMiller0521

Identifying a saxophone model

Hi there,

first post! I need some help identifying this saxophone.. It's an Alto Elkhart Deluxe, pictures attac…

8 months ago
by Rossonsaxophone

Oleg Sax??????

Has ANYONE played one of these horns? Reviews? ANYONE?

8 months ago
by mishack14 (1 post)

Help. What is the brand of this saxophone?

Good evening. I would like help identifying the brand of this saxophone. The only thing I know is that it's made in france…

8 months ago
by vries1 (2 posts)

Chateau Saxohpone

Hello Peeps !

i am Dickson and i am totally new to saxophone .. i tried to google about saxophone but its more…

8 months ago
by derekpittx (0 posts)



9 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer

my Alto Sax plays half step flat

When I play notes on my new (used) alto saxophone, they are a half step flat. So when I blow into it without covering any hol…

9 months ago
by NS-D (1 post)

Recommendations for Alto

Hello, started playing sax in 4th grade. fieat year on alto and year after switched to tenor and played tenor through High…

9 months ago
by shaun_p

Repository of Scales and Melodic Patterns: Yusef Lateef

Repository of Scales and Melodic Patterns: Yusef Lateef

I just got this for Christmas and I think it's one of the…

10 months ago
by RobertD

Help determining information about this saxophone

My Dad is looking to get rid of his saxophones. He is not sure what they are worth or what type of cost it would be to ref…

10 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (533 posts)

Picking the sax back up


I used to play the alto sax, doing exams and completing up to grade 6 during secondary school/college, and…

10 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (533 posts)

Thomann experiences?

Hi. I'm pretty new to sax playing and have played a while on a school saxophone from buescher. 
I have plans on…

10 months ago
by majkoe (2 posts)

Questions/Opinions about professional saxophones

no replies by joshuapaul (1 post) 10 months ago

10 months ago
by joshuapaul

Cheap Alto Intonation, How Many Cents Is Too Many?

Hello everyone!
I'm new here. I have been playing tenor for a l…

10 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (533 posts)

Learning to repair bent keys

My prima…

10 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (533 posts)

"Intermediate" Soprano Saxophone

So I am looking to buy a new/used soprano saxophone, i'm not a beginner to saxophone as a whole but I would like to start…

10 months ago
by mijderf (265 posts)

Stage fright/nervousness

So basically I just get super nervous when playing by myself infront of people. Its gets the point where I start shaking a…

10 months ago
by paras2727 (0 posts)

Good saxophone for beginners.

1 replies by wolfkinara (1 post) 11 months ago

11 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (533 posts)

Tenor King 66 7103997

Hi everyone,

Looking intyo buying a tenor sax. Owner of this instrument claims it is an intermediate horn, but…

11 months ago
by farming6957

Help identifying vintage sax

Hi everyone!

I've been playing clarinet for a while now and reached a decent level, so I thought it was time to…

11 months ago
by Toftafelle

Yanagisawa t5 1970

Hi.  I'm a relatively new learner. Just bought this. It plays ok. I think I'm going to love it. But the keys are diff…

11 months ago
by Turnerboy
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